E. Wills

Legal Nurse Consultant

“We’ll analyze the medical documents while you advocate the laws”  – Ethel Wills, RN, BSN, MSN

Why should you hire a Legal Nurse Consultant?

The medical records are electronic; shouldn’t that mean that there are less pages?

Are you buried in page after page of medical records?

Are you struggling to determine what all that medical jargon mean?

Did they or didn’t they follow the standards of care?

Did that problem exist before the incident?

If not these, what are the possible causes of the incident?

Can the findings be supported?

The education and the clinical experience of nurses provide them with the knowledge of the human body, medicine,

the nursing process, and the health care system. In using their knowledge, their clinical experience, and clinical and

professional resources, a legal nurse can save valuable time by helping to answer these questions. 


The legal nurse is a liaison between the legal and the healthcare, bridging the gap between clinical and legal issues

by evaluating and analyzing medical information.

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E. Wills Legal Nurse Consultant, LLC

P.O. Box 43, Helena, AL 35080

Phone: (205) 216-2875

Fax: (205) 685-0271

Email: info@ewillslegalnurse.com

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