Ethel Wills, RN, BSN, MSN

After over 20 years in nursing, I refocused my nursing career on legal nurse consulting. I have always had an interest in details and wanted to know the “what, how, and why.” A favorite TV show and celebrity crush got me further hooked into digging deep to solve that puzzle. Legal nurse consulting allows me to determine the “what, how, and why” and it enables me to continue to practice the critical thinking skills of nursing.

In my earlier clinical years, I worked at the bedside caring for many in need of medical-surgical care and post-trauma care. Additionally, I worked in the emergency room, orthopedic medicine, acute care, and ambulatory care. In the latter clinical years, I provided care to the geriatric community and those in need of long-term care.

I am the managing partner and lead consultant of E Wills Legal Nurse Consultants. To maximize the time of our clients, we review and analyze cases with medical issues to determine the pertinent facts of each case.

Our educational and extensive nursing background is beneficial in reviewing, analyzing, and researching medical malpractice claims. We can help to answer questions related to pre-existing conditions and damages for personal injury claims. In addition, we have access to medical professionals that can provide attorneys with expert support, review, and testimony.

By utilizing our services, valuable time can be saved, enabling legal firms to focus on the legal aspects of their cases.

Why Hire a Legal Nurse Consultant?

The medical records are electronic; shouldn’t that mean that there are less pages?

Are you buried in page after page of medical records?

Are you struggling to determine what all that medical jargon mean?

Did they or didn’t they follow the standards of care?

Did that problem exist before the incident?

If not these, what are the possible causes of the incident?

Can the findings be supported?

The education and the clinical experience of nurses provide them with the knowledge of the human body, medicine, the nursing process, and the health care system. In using their knowledge, clinical experience, and clinical professional resources, a legal nurse can save valuable time by helping to answer these questions.

The legal nurse is a liaison between the legal community and healthcare, bridging the gap between clinical and legal issues by evaluating and analyzing medical information.


Your involvement in this matter was indispensable to our success. I enjoyed working with you.

G. Randall Spear