“We assess the cost for the care needed throughout the life of the patient/client.”

Medical Cost Projection Services takes into account that life-changing illnesses and injuries do not come without challenges. However, the challenges or concerns of the associated costs should not be one of them.  At E Wills Legal Nurse Consultants, we assess the cost for the care needed throughout the life of the patient or client, to ensure they have the necessary financial means to provide for their care.

To be comprehensive in meeting the needs of the community and as a liaison to the legal arena, we are providing the service of Medical Cost Projections. Our firm conducts a comprehensive review of the client’s medical information to determine the future care, the anticipated outcomes, and the associated costs relevant to their claim.

Just as medical care depends on the injury, Medical Cost Projections are case-specific and dependent on the client’s medical needs. Using an unbiased approach and information, we review the medical information and estimate the cost of medications, physician visits, treatments, and durable medical equipment for the claim.

Medical Cost Projection Services provides an itemized medical summary of relevant medical and pharmaceutical needs on an annual basis as well as for the expected life span of the individual.

How can your clients benefit from Medical Cost Projection Services?

  • Forecast future medical costs
  • Set reserves for Workers’ Compensation, liability files, or claims
  • Tool for use in mediation and demand packages of Personal Injury claims
  • Tool for Insurance adjusters in case settlement

How do we do it?

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the medical information
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of billing records
  • Review medical practices relevant to the problem
  • Use trusted databases for costs
  • Create a detailed report using usual and customary costs