“We’ll analyze the medical documents while you advocate the laws.”

Ethel Wills, RN, BSN, MSN

E Wills Legal Nurse Consultants is uniquely positioned to help plaintiff and defense attorneys, risk managers, and insurance companies with healthcare-related claims or issues.

Medical Legal Consultation Services includes:

Medical record analysis

Summarize and interpret medical records

Screen for damages

Prepare a chronology of medical information

Create medical timelines

Assist in the preparation of deposition questions

Define deviations from standards of care

Prepare written reports

Locate supporting experts

Evaluate for contributing factors to the suspected damages

Perform medical and nursing literature research

Our goal is to save time, effort, and ultimately money, for our clients by being efficient and thorough in providing our services.

We look at the details objectively to decipher what happened, and what led to the event.


Dear Nurse Wills,
Thank you for your work in evaluating my client’s medical records and surgical information regarding my legal case evaluation. You timely provided me with the information I needed for my purposes.

I want you to know that my impression of your work is outstanding. I believe that your review of the information given you was thorough and that your resulting report was informative, decisive, and written with clarity. My evaluation of the legal aspects of my case was facilitated greatly through your efforts. I could provide my client with the necessary professional medical and legal views of his case to assist in our decision making.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you again.

Sincerely yours

Ralph B. Mayes, Attorney-at-law
Omega Law LLC